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The main business of GCL New Energy includes the investment, operation and development of centralized and distributed new energy systems. Using technological innovation as the drive, the company has continued to provide the public clean, safe and efficient green energy.GCL New Energy is committed to achieving effective and sustainable utilization of resources. Currently, the company's main projects include large and medium ground-based solar farms, distributed solar farms and modern agricultural PV sheds.


GCL New Energy is a pioneer in Chinese solar farm investments overseas. In 2011, GCL North America was named as the third largest solar power developer in the United States.


Main Strengths


GCL New Energy, which specializes in solar farm development, engineering project contracting (EPC) and solar farm construction, has insisted on using technological development, solar farm system design optimization and scientific management implementation to reduce power costs and enhance the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the systems. Through solar farm operation management platforms, the company has achieved centralized daily production monitoring of downstream solar farms. In addition, the company has fully realized the power potential of solar farms through design standardization, automated cleaning, performance appraisals, technological innovations, regional management and big data management to achieve maximum value for solar farms and enhance their differentiating competitiveness.


GCL New Energy's energy business spans across different parts of the world. Currently, the company manages 9 domestic solar farms with a combined output of around 400 MW. The annual power capacity of the company is expected to reach 48,000 kWh per annum in 2014. In addition, the company manages overseas solar farms with a combined capacity of 18 MW, with 1 GW in projects under construction, a developed reserve of 2.5 GW and future capacity of 10 GW. To provide customers with efficient, clean and reliable solar power systems and to provide the public with green power that is efficient, low consumption and pollution-free.

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GCL New Energy has established a solar farm operations management platform for remote centralized monitoring of solar farms, the scientific management of power plant equipment assets, and management tracking and centralized scheduling for routing operations, maintenance personnel and procedures to ensure the all-around safety of solar farms during power generation for stable output, asset preservation and digitized solar farm operations.

GCL New Energy's independently developed automatic cleaning device applications have completed field testing in Xuzhou, Baoying and Ningxia farms with great component cleaning performance. Automatic cleaning devices can save on the labor costs of component cleaning and significantly boost the power capacity of solar farms.

GCL New Energy has built a complete nationwide regional management network covering the 14 major regions of China to form a standardized operations and management process. Meanwhile, GCL New Energy has begun to explore the overseas market for solar farm operations and has made the initial steps towards establishing a leading operations company in the solar farm operations market.

GCL New Energy actively utilizes publicly raised funds and implements the timely issuance of various forms of capital market financing and various innovative combinations of asset securitization financing on a project basis. The company also explores other options such as financial leasing to maximize resource utilization and provide investors with sound information and abundant returns through its outstanding performance.

GCL New Energy explores innovative modern agricultural PV projects, integrates national agricultural preferential policies, utilizes modern agricultural development opportunities, competes for agricultural support subsidies, solves PV land usage issues, and builds PV facilities and agricultural demonstration bases to realize the organic integration of green energy and efficient agriculture.

GCL New Energy strengthens the promotion and construction of e-commerce as it continues to explore B2B business opportunities while providing customers with better services through the rapid Internet response capabilities so as to promote business development. Meanwhile, GCL New Energy has also launched B2C businesses and innovative developments to sell products and services directly to consumers through online sales events. Through the Internet, GCL New Energy provides consumers with a convenient high-tech shopping experience. 


GCL New Energy uses the Internet to integrate leading technology to promote and implement its "Six-in-One" Complementary Power Supply System to promote progress in energy production and revolutionary changes to consumption. To this end, GCL New Energy focused on the development of distributed solar farms, a new power generation and integrated energy utilization model with broad prospects that advocates for the principle of nearby power generation, nearby grids, nearby conversions, and nearby utilization. This model can not only effectively improve the generating capacity of solar farms under equal conditions, but it can also effectively solve the problems of power loss in power surges and long-distance transportation. The goal of "PV power in the homes of ordinary people" is gradually achieved through the customizable services of distributed power generation.

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